1. How did Ann Dancing come to live on the Cultural Trail?
Ann Dancing by Julian Opie, came to live on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail as a result of the Opie exhibition in Indianapolis. While Ann was not one of the pieces on display during the temporary exhibition, she was selected, in part because of the success of the Opie exhibition, to be the first piece of art in the Cultural Trail’s public art collection and was installed, where she lives today, on the Cultural Trail at the intersection of Mass Ave, Alabama and Vermont Streets in 2007. Ann is the anchor of one of the most inspiring and vibrant intersections in downtown Indianapolis. Photographed by thousands of people a year, she is a destination herself, and an icon for our city.

2. What about the artist, Julian Opie?
We have been working with Julian Opie’s studio over the past year to identify the correct technology and display solution for Ann so that she can be updated so that her “guts” function more efficiently and that she will better withstand the elements. The technology upgrade she will receive also allows us to give her updates, just like iPhones are updated. It is very important that we find a sustainable solution for Ann, not just a quick fix.

You can read more about Julian Opie and see more of his work here.

3. What will the new Ann look like?
Exactly the same. To the casual passerby, Ann Dancing by Julian Opie will look exactly the same as she always has. Her color will remain a warm amber, her sway will stay on beat, and her screens should operate just the same. If you know Ann very well, you may notice her screens may be just a touch brighter, and the box holding her up will look just a bit newer as it hasn’t been in the Indiana weather for 10 years.

4. How can I help?
So glad you asked! Share your Ann story on social media, tag #KeepAnnDancing and follow @KeepAnnDancing to see what she’s up to. Take a photo of a blank Ann Dancing and share so people know how empty our lives would be with out her. And most importantly, donate to Keep Ann Dancing. We need to reach our fundraising goal of $262,800 by June 29th!